Every place in the world has its own beauty and has its own culture! One such place is the beautiful Egypt. You might think that Egypt is all about desert and hot weather but you have NO IDEA how Egypt is the best luxury vacation ever. The Sahara desert is huge and you will keep looking at it and keep going on and it won’t end! Their Nile River is to die for! It’s beautiful and fertile at the same time. No wonder Egypt has a nickname ‘Gift of Nile’.

Since a very long time travellers have been coming to Egypt to explore it but now you can have your own luxury vacation with your family members and have the time of your life. Not only will you get to see so many historical sites but also you will get to enjoy the diving experience at the Red Sea! Who doesn´t want that?

Now there are so many things at Egypt that can make it a luxury vacation for you and your family members. For starters it’s the best place to enjoy sightseeing. There is so much to see there at every corner that you won’t have time to stop taking pictures. Their Plazas are too die for! The four seasons is one of the best hotels in the world! Not only does it have the best décor ever that makes you want to keep looking at it over and over again but it offers luxury as well in terms of its amazing rooms, perfect room service! It also has a lot of antiques here and there in the hotel so they actually have their own little museum there.

Another place that can make your Egypt luxury vacation even more luxury is going to the Palace Port Ghalib! This place is a 5 star deluxe place. It is one of the most known resorts ALL over the world. Everyone from over the world come here to see this place. From its beautiful Arabian architecture to being near the Red sea the view is amazing. The rooms of this resort are huge! They have the best of the best furniture and the most friendly staff that you will ever find in any hotel. It has beautiful big gardens so you can actually walk with your family have your own little picnic and enjoy the view. When you say Egypt luxury vacation then there are so many things that you can experience such as live music everywhere all the time! You can also stay at Cairo’s hotel called the Fairmont Heliopolis hotel which is again one of the best luxury hotels you will ever come across! From its view to its accommodations it’s simply worth going!