When people think of Australia, a few things come to mind, not the least of which being its beautiful natural sites. That said, while the Outback, rainforests, and other areas get a great deal of press with regards to their natural beauty, the Hunter Valley area is sometimes in danger of being a little overlooked and underrated—but residents of Oz know better. The Hunter Valley region is one of the great gems of natural Australia, a mixture of class and cool natural beauty. It’s one of the leading wine regions in Australia. It’s home to lush green pastures and beautiful countryside estates.

And it’s the perfect place for everything from a wedding and honeymoon to a casual vacation Down Under. Here, then, are just a few reasons to seek out Hunter Valley accommodations on your next trip to Australia.

Great Estates

One of the best reasons to seek out Hunter Valley accommodations is also one of the simplest—the sites and structures themselves are simply superior. You will not find an area in Australia with a better reputation so far as the surrounding area is concerned, and so lush and spacious are these accommodations, and so embedded are they into the rich natural countryside, that they take on the character of a full-fledged estate.


What makes these accommodations so wonderful? Again, because they are essentially on estates, everything from the rooms to the outdoor porches to every creature comfort imaginable is held to a higher standard. When staying at a holiday home in Hunter Valley, you’re not merely renting a hotel room, you’re lodging at a properly posh estate, with great wooden halls, fabulous green lawns, and fantastic culinary experiences.

That last one is particularly pertinent. Australia’s wine industry has been on the rise internationally over the past few years in terms of both production and prestige, and that’s due in no small part to the great reputation enjoyed by Hunter Valley wines. Red and white wines alike flourish here, with Chardonnay and Shiraz options being especially scrumptious. A stay in the Hunter Valley region means experiencing these fine wines at exceptional prices, all while enjoying the lush landscape which gives rise to those great grapes.

Staying at an estate in Hunter Valley is a picture of luxury, and an experience like no other.

Wedding Accommodations

When it comes to wedding accommodations, you want everything to be perfect, and few areas in Australia can offer as picture perfect a place in which to have the most beautiful day of your life than the lovely Hunter Valley region. Where better to exchange vows than on the gorgeous green outside of some of New South Wales’ most immaculate estates? Who better to call upon for fine catering options than some of the region’s most storied wineries? What’s more, these estates, used for everything from holiday homes to honeymoon suites, are quite used to such arrangements, and can help you every step of the way when it comes to planning your special day.

All this and more can make your holiday or wedding in Hunter Valley one of a quite memorable vintage!