It’s still possible to enjoy overseas backpacking alone or with friends regardless of your budget size. There are thousands of exotic locations scattered all over the globe with cheap accommodation, feeding and transportation costs. Apart from the wonderful adventure to be enjoyed, backpacking offers people the opportunity to see the world from another perspective and expand their knowledge base. One of the most important steps to take as you prepare is to know the diseases to vaccinate from whilst travelling. Taking this step will help you to stay healthy and enjoy your well-deserved break to the fullest. Check out the 5 fascinating backpacker destinations that should top your list.

  • Peru

Most people visit Peru to trek the Inca Trail which leads to one of the New 7 Wonders of the World known as Machu Picchu. Visiting this location can be really expensive, but there is a cheaper alternative for backpackers. Tourists that take the Peruvian coastline usually encounter small towns bustling with activities, tasty cuisines and isolated beaches along the way. The majority of the locals in Peru can’t communicate in English Language. In this wise, learning a little Spanish before you set out to the country will really go a long way.

  • India

India is a colorful country with lots of breathtaking views. In fact, backpacking in India is really inexpensive and has lots of cheap locations to visit like ancient temples, Goa and the Himalayan Mountains. Other amazing places include Rishikesh, the cradle of yoga and Taj Mahal which is regarded as one of the most beautiful monuments in the world.

  • Thailand

Thailand is full of beautiful islands such as Koh Tao, Koh Lanta, Koh Chang and Koh Samet. The country is known for its superb dishes and wonderful culture. The locals are really friendly and can play a huge role in making your stay worthwhile. Millions of tourists visit Thailand every year not only for island hopping, but to participate in other activities like jungle trekking and elephant riding. You can survive with as low as $25 per day in the country.  

  • Turkey

Without mincing words, Turkey is one of the most popular backpacker destination worldwide. There are lots of exotic locations to visit apart from the capital city, Istanbul. Others include the ancient ruins of Ephesus, the Chora Church and the Hagia Sophia Museum. Many tourists soak up the unique Turkish culture at the Grand Bazaar. You may decide to eat in the markets in order to cut costs.

  • Nepal

The Garden of Dreams, clock tower, Mount Everest and the Durga Temple are some of the most popular places to visit in Nepal. Another attractive site is the hometown of Lord Buddha, known as Lumbini. Different events are usually hosted every year and you may be lucky enough to be part of any during your visit. It is one of the budget friendly destinations for backpackers and there are awe inspiring temples in abundance. Kathmandu has the second cheapest hotel in the world where you can get a bed of around $2 each night.