Owing a static caravan, for many, is a dream as well as a significant investment. Such vehicles are the unique possession that a person can have as it allows a family or a group of people to spend quality time in a park. Instead of such lucrative options, it is important to mention that the investment and the dream together could be at risk until and unless the owners have the right static caravan insurance.

The insurance will help the owner to take care of the caravan in every possible way and it would be easier for them to manage also. Check out the post to learn some of the important tips to consider before getting an insurance policy for your static caravan.

  • Don’t forget to research and compare

One of the most things to keep in mind before buying caravan insurance is to conduct thorough research work. It is also important to compare static caravan insurance clauses offered by different services providers. Make sure that you get the best quote as there are several agencies available in the market offering insurance at different rates. Always go with the right agency or agency.

  • Be specific about letting option

Having or owning a static caravan in indeed a big business and in most of the cases, people give them on rent. So, if you are also renting the caravan, it is important to check out the holiday parks as all parks do not permit letting caravans. Make sure that you add the clause of letting the vehicle on different occasions.

  • Overall value or price of the caravan

It is important to check out the price of the caravan before finalizing the insurance. Make sure that the premiums for the insurance lie within the overall cost of the caravan so that the value of the same does not go down.  

  • Ask for the added benefits from the service providers

While availing insurance for the static caravan it is important to have a word with the insurance service providers in order to avail extra perks or benefits with the insurance. Make sure that the service provider offers you with facilities like extended warranty, free services, safety check-up, etc.

Hopefully, the tips will work for the owners of the static caravan and will end up buying the right insurance for the vehicle. In case of any suggestion or query get in touch with us below in the comment box.